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Pay attention to the use of sofa

Pay attention to the use of sofa





In order to keep the sofa neat and beautiful and prolong its service life, daily maintenance is very important. Here are some precautions for daily use of the sofa:

1. The sofa shall be placed on a flat ground, and soft cushions shall be placed at the bottom of the four corners to prevent damage to the floor during movement.

2. Wipe the dust and dirt on the sofa surface with a clean soft cloth before use. If it is made of cow leather (genuine leather), gently wipe the sofa surface with a care agent once or twice before use (do not use waxy care products), so as to form a protective film on the surface of cow leather (genuine leather), so that the dirt in the future is not easy to penetrate into the dermal pores and facilitate future cleaning.

3. Avoid jumping on the sofa seat surface to avoid deformation after local compression and affect the use.

4. Avoid the contact surface of tools with acute angles or knives to prevent scratching the fabric.

5. Avoid the deformation and loss of elasticity of leather fabric caused by long-term sunlight on the sofa. In case of frequent sunlight, adjust the positions of several sofas at intervals to prevent obvious color difference;

6. Avoid swelling, relaxation and loss of elasticity of leather surface caused by rain or excessive humidity, or discoloration, discoloration or mildew of leather. In case of high humidity, you can use the weak sun from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. for 7 days, 1 hour a day, about once every 3 months.

7. Daily maintenance: use a clean soft cloth to wipe the sink or stain of the fabric regularly. Vacuum cleaner can be used to clean sundries at the joint of back, handrail and seat surface. It is forbidden to use wet cloth, hard objects or chemicals such as acid and alkali to contact the fabric, so as not to affect the surface quality and service life.

8. Regular maintenance: there are pores on the surface of cow leather, which can be maintained in dry and wet seasons like human skin. Clean and oil once every two months in dry season, and maintain once every 3-4 months in normal season. Textile fabrics such as cotton, hemp and man-made fibers should be disassembled and dry cleaned, not washed, and bleaching is prohibited because they are sensitive to acidic substances. If loose thread ends are found, do not break them by hand. They shall be neatly cut flat with scissors.

9. Avoid soiling the sofa with oil stains, ball point pens, ink, etc. If it is accidentally soiled, the sofa shall be cleaned immediately with leather cleaner. If there is no leather cleaner, the stain can be gently wiped with a clean white towel stained with a little alcohol, then dried with a dry wet towel, and finally treated with protective agent. The sanding leather sofa can not be cleaned in the above way (except for oil stains on the leather), but can be gently brushed with a fine copper brush to restore its beauty.

10. The sofa shall be placed 5-10mm away and kept ventilated.

11. When the movable parts of the sofa are not flexible or the metal parts and connectors are loose, the connecting screws shall be tightened or properly lubricated.

12. When the paint on the wooden handrail turns white due to excessive contact with wet objects, cover it with a damp and hot towel until it turns white.


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