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How dare you say you love life without one or two pieces of outdoor furniture

How dare you say you love life without one or two pieces of outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture


When we are in the home, we need to take into account all aspects. Large to material selection, small to decoration and layout. Facing all kinds of furniture, c-position furniture should be clear. There are many different areas in the family, such as dining space, rest area and leisure space for guests. Each area needs different furniture, and it is well matched to improve the aesthetic feeling of a home.

When choosing furniture, we should pay attention to the choice of color. If it is the tone of light color system, then you can choose a few multi-color furniture, which can bring up the effect of brightening. If the whole family color is more rich, then the furniture can be simple. Secondly, the choice of materials, generally speaking, many people prefer plain wood. Because of the hard texture, with wood texture, it has a natural flavor. You can also choose or fabric or metal materials to feel different charm.

Living room sofa is the main character

Living room is a central area of the home, so when we are designing, we will definitely put more thoughts and energy into it. A beautiful living room, can give visitors and their own, the effect of a bright front.

There are many furniture in the living room, but when it comes to c-position furniture, everyone has different ideas. For me, the c-position furniture in the living room should be sofa, comfortable sofa lays a comfortable life tone.

Facing different types of households, sofa selection is also different. Small family type try to be simple sofa based, such as classic one-word type. And large family can choose the combination design, more atmospheric. In order to improve the warm feeling of living room, you can try the fabric material. Soft fabric, plus interior filling, provides a great sense of trust. It can be added with solid wood frame to enhance the bearing effect.

Dining table to be served

For restaurants, c-position furniture should be a table. With a table with a face and material, it seems that the whole restaurant has become pleasant to the eye, and the process of dining will be happier. Facing different styles, the dining table has different designs, generally based on solid wood materials. You can choose the square table or round table design according to your preferences, which is suitable for the whole restaurant space.

If the dining room is not large, try a table with retraction. It can adjust the size of the table according to the number of meals, which has super practical functions, which is the gospel for small family type. There are many choices in desktop design, and wooden desktop has the charm of returning to nature. And marble material, smooth and delicate touch, will be easier to manage. And beautiful texture, not lose light luxury temperament.

Kitchen cabinet setting tone

Kitchen is a cooking area, and it is necessary to make the process of delicious food. For kitchen, c-position furniture should be cupboard. The large cabinet determines the key of the kitchen. The cabinet design should be based on the kitchen, otherwise it will give people the feeling of overcrowding, thus affecting the feeling of cooking. And there are multiple storage spaces to make the kitchen cleaner.

Some cabinets may be too high, but such a design is not practical. So it is best to customize according to height, improve the utilization of the interior space of the cabinet, and the practicability will be stronger. The cabinet has solid wood and metal material, because considering the kitchen smoke, so choose metal material will be more. Smooth and delicate surface, easier to manage. Of course, if the hood is strong enough, the wooden cabinet is also very awesome.


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